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Moving to United States of America

The United States of America

America, otherwise known as the land of dreams, is a favored destination for many UK Residents. The United States is renown for it's incredible sceneries and vast space, making it the ideal place, for big families, with big ideas.

The USA has it all, fantastic food culture, huge sky scrapers, celebrities and showbiz lifestyles, practically anything you can think of, they have it. No wonder so many British are choosing it as their next home away from the UK.

Removals Worldwide moves many customers to the USA on a regular basis, and this business has increased from 2012 and even more during 2013. We have reputable agents in all major destinations within The United States of America, meaning we can move you and you're family with minimal stress, letting you get on with the little things which often get left until the last minute, or worse, forgotten.

Some of the destination we serve are;

Removals Worldwide offers 1 x 20ft Container to either of these destinations including; Full Pack & Wrap Service, Freight, Handling with Full Destination Service all included.

We offer weekly vessels for only £3,995.