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Moving to Malta


Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta. Is a beautiful Southern European Country located in the Mediterranean, South of Italy, and East of Tunisia. Malta is famously known as being one of the World's smallest independent states, covering only 316km squared. There's no reason why this is one of our most popular moving destination, as it is quite literally a paradise island.

Although it gained independence from the British in 1964, they still remain in The Commonwealth, which means British culture is still welcome, and is still apparent within their country today.

Removals Worldwide is very experienced in moving UK migrants to Malta, and we have seen great increase in 2012 and even more during 2013. Making it a current hotspot to watch.

Some of the most popular destinations include;

Removals Worldwide offers 1 x 20ft Container to either of these destinations including; Full Pack & Wrap Service, Freight, Handling with Full Destination Service all included.

We offer weekly vessels with a transit time of 12-14 days for only £2,200.